In today’s world, security has become an issue of the utmost importance. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure, especially when travelling, which is why airports have such rigorous screening processes. All in the interest of keeping good, hardworking people safe. One of the best tools to do this is an X-ray screener to find potential problems before they happen. Equip your facilities with the best in screeners produced by Juzheng Electronic. We have been in business for over a decade and in that time, we have perfected not just our products but also our production process. We specialize in developing automatic identification technology and detection technology. More

  • Small Security Screening System
  • Large Security Screening System
  • Walk-Through Metal Detector
  • Handheld Metal Detector
  • Metal Impurity Detector
  • Food Metal Detector
  • Needle Detector
  • Mobile Phone Detector