The Juzheng Electronic product offering includes a full line of security inspection equipment.

The Juzheng Electronic small security screening system is frequently applied in restaurants, hotels, exhibitions, and other areas where large crowds gather. It is an ideal solution for the inspection of small baggage items like handbags and laptop bags.

Our large security screening system is widely applied in airports, stations, docks, customs and other types of transport hubs. It is an excellent tool to check thick luggage without needing to open it.

The walk-through metal detector is commonly used in airports, station, dock, hotel, restaurants and more. It is normally paired with a security screening system.

This device is used in conjunction with a walk-through metal detector. It is employed to detect individuals carrying metal objects.

This Juzheng metal impurity detector is primarily used to detect short needles, broken blades and other types of metal impurities in daily necessities including handbags, shoes, clothes, and toys, just to name a few. It provides high levels of picture clarity.

The food metal detector is made from high-quality stainless steel. It will automatically detect stone, metal impurities and other substances in a huge variety of food. This equipment can detect both magnetic and non-magnetic metal, making it useful for working with a variety of metallic materials.

This needle detector is able to detect magnetic metal impurities which are found in garments, toys, handbags, and baby products. Once any impurity is detected, it will sound an alarm and return back automatically. It features a high level of reliability.

This mobile phone detector is typically applied in the restricted areas where the mobile phone and other types of communication equipment are prohibited.

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  • Small Security Screening System
  • Large Security Screening System
  • Walk-Through Metal Detector
  • Handheld Metal Detector
  • Metal Impurity Detector
  • Food Metal Detector
  • Needle Detector
  • Mobile Phone Detector